LAMS Approved Motorbike Hire

LAMS Approved Motorbikes for Hire Chch, NZIf you’re on your learner or restricted motorcycle license you can only hire a motorcycle which is LAMS-approved.

LAMS stands for Learner Approved Motorcycle scheme (LAM) and is designed to allow novice riders to ride only lower and moderately powered motorcycles.

Find out more about LAMS-approved motorcycles on the NZTA website.

TRU Moto offers full insurance and breakdown coverage for all age groups. So when you hire with us you’re all set to hire a bike to practice on or sit your license.

To find out more about hiring a LAMS-approved bike, give us a call on 0800 TRU MOTO or make an enquiry here.

NZ-wide pick-up points: Choose from Christchurch, Queenstown or Auckland*

* Fees for Queenstown & Auckland pick-ups apply — and are subject to transit-times and availability.

** Fees for outside of Christchurch drop-offs apply.

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